3rd Annual Lafayette Birthday 3K Pooch Run
Saturday September 6, 2014 8 AM

Cross Creek Park behind Wells Fargo Bow St. & Green St.

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Brief Description
The 2nd Annual Lafayette 3K Pooch Run is an event for Owners and their lovely Pets. We have a great 3K track set up in DT Fayetteville.

3K Pooch Run
Fayetteville 3rd Annual 3K Pooch Run is our main event for Pets and their owners in memory of Coco's Pet Ike Ramirez. Owners must register their Pets using our three weight categories of: S, M, L. Female or Male.  Owner’s will register their pets at their own discretion size & weight. Owners please use this weight chart for registration. Small: 20 Lbs & Under Medium: 21-50 Lbs. Large: 50 Lbs. & Over Male Female

3K Pooch Run Requirements
All dogs entered must have updated rabies vaccination. • All participants must sign an injury/illness waiver. • All dogs must be leashed at all times. • All dogs must compete on a leash no longer than 6 feet. • Puppies under 6 months of age may not compete in the 3K event. • Female dogs in heat will not be allowed to participate. • All decisions from judges are final.

3K Pooch Run Requirements Continue
At the discretion of the race director or race veterinarian, dogs whose behavior is unruly or might prove hazardous to other participants, dogs, or spectators, may be requested to leave the event. Individuals may run with more than one dog provided that each dog is officially entered and properly leashed.

Important: This event is safe for the canine runner that has been properly trained. In the case of an animal emergency, veterinary aid will be available. However, you are responsible for the pre-conditioning of your pet.

Registration via Mail
Please send your check to: PO Box 71816 Fort Bragg, NC 28307 ATTN: Julio C. Ramirez

Julio @ 910 578 9680

3K Pooch Run Awards:  
• First 3 small dogs (under 20 pounds) • First 3 medium dogs (21-50 pounds) • First 3 large dogs (over 50 pounds)

There will a special Award for the best DOG in Costume

Event Shirt
All runners registered by 15 August are guaranteed shirt size requested. After the 16 shirts will be limited

Water points for Owners & Pets will be available in the course and at the finish line

Baggies & Portables
Please bring your Bags for Pets personal business. Portables will be available for Owners at the event site

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